Through the company account, you can add employees to your company, edit their details as well as the company details without accessing “SmartHub”. You can now Open a Company Account by following these steps: 

  1. Login to DARI dari-login 
  2. Enter the OTP sent to your mobile number, which is associated with your account, and then click on Verify.
  3. Go to the Services menu on the homepage.
  4. Select Company Management from the services list. 
  5. Choose Open Company Account from the submenu and click on Initiate Service
  6. Enter the company trade license number and source, then click on Check Validity to verify the company details.
  7. The company details, such as company name, issue and expiry date of the license, and company location, will appear. Review the company details and click on Next
  8.  A new screen will display the company details. You can edit the company details, such as the company TRN, phone number, and fax if necessary. You can also choose the User Role as owner, partner, or employee. Review the company details and click on Next
  9. Upload any required documents based on the applicant role and click on Next.
  10. A new screen will display the applicant, company details, and uploaded documents. Review the details and click on Submit.
  • A message will appear to confirm that the application to open the company account will be forwarded to the DMT for approval. 

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