You can Register as a Valuator (employee) smoothly on DARI through the service by following these steps:

  1. Login to DARIdari-login 
  2. Go to the Services menu on the homepage.
  3. Select Professions Licensing from the services list.  
  4. Choose Register Valuator (Employee) from the submenu and click on Initiate Service
  5. The system checks whether the following actions are fulfilled:
    •   Valid company trade license.  
    •  The user should not have any blocks. 
    •  The Update Professional Details application must be completed. 
    •  All uploaded documents must be valid and updated. 
    •  Valid EID.
  •  If all actions are validated, a message appears confirming that the Register Valuator (Employee) application has been successfully completed. 
  • You can download the Valuator Card now by clicking on Download License

Note: If the actions are not fulfilled, a pop-up screen will display the action that must be fulfilled.

  • If the documents have not been uploaded, you will be prompted to upload the missing documents in a new window. To upload the documents, you can follow these steps: 
  1. Click on Update my profile.
  2. A new screen appears stating that you will be switched to your personal profile to upload the required documents. Click Yes to open your personal profile or No to cancel. 
  3. A new screen will display the following details: profession type (Valuator) and other details. Select the municipality and click on Next.
  4. Upload the required documents (Training Completion Certificate for Valuators and Police Clearance Certificate) and click on Next.
  5. On the next screen, the following details will be displayed: profession type, municipality, and uploaded documents. Review the details and click on Submit.
  6. A message will appear confirming that your personal profile has been updated and that the request has been forwarded to the DMT to approve the uploaded documents.
  7. Once the documents are approved, you can log in again and follow the previous steps to complete the Register Valuator (Employee) application.

Here you will find a video tutorial to help you initiate the service:

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