DARI – the digital real estate ecosystem – provides you with many lease-related services, through which you can register, renew, amend or cancel a property management agreement securely and smoothly. As an owner, you can issue a property management agreement by following these steps:

First: Property management agreement issuance (for a property management company)

Step 1: Determining the agreement type

  1. Login to DARI dari-login 
  2. Click on Services from the home page
  3. Select Lease from the Services list
  4. Choose the type of the agreement Property management company click on Next

Step 2: Specifying the property type

  • Select the properties allowed to list in the agreement click on Next
  • Specify the property type (building or unit) click on Next

Note: you can use the filters to identify the units from the building, their area and uses

Step 3: Selecting the properties

When choosing the properties (building or unit), the following will appear:

  • All units
  • If there were any blocked units, you will get the following message: “These units are blocked; you cannot complete the transaction. You can cancel the transaction or complete it choosing units that are not blocked.

Step 4: Properties’ details

The system will show you the details of the properties you selected. Here, you can continue with one of the following two options:

  1. Add a property
  2. Delete a property, in which case the following message will appear: Are you sure you want to delete unit number 1234 of the selected properties?” You will then be able to confirm the deletion or cancel it

Step 5: Agreement details (Company details?)

  1. Fill in the required agreement details
  2. Enter the trade license number to fetch the company’s information


  • The company needs to have active commercial activities
  • The second party must not be blocked

Step 6: Agreement details

In this step, you can select the permissions, such as:

  1. Collecting rent on behalf of the owner
  2. Terminate the agreement
  3. Allowing the first party to view the agreement’s details


You can also determine the agreement duration and value

  1. Allowing the first party to view the agreement’s details
  2. Determine the agreement duration and value (the value can be a percentage or a fixed AED amount)


  • The agreement value is the average of the fees agreed on by both parties (it is in percentage form only)
  • Agreement duration must not be less than 3 months or more than 4 years

Step 7: Appendix and documents

  1. Add your notes if needed in the Terms and conditions section
  2. Upload your documents
  3. Review the documents you added click on Next

Step 8: Review

  1. Review the agreement
  2. If the agreement is complete, approve issuing it

Once the second party accepts or rejects the agreement, as a property agreement issuer, you will have the following options:

In the case that the second party has accepted the agreement:

  1. Login to DARI dari-login 
  2. Click on Applications from the home page
  3. Click on Open to review the agreement click on Accept
  4. The agreement has been issued successfully, and you will receive a copy to download

Here you will find a video tutorial to help you initiate the service:

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