You can now add an employee to a company through DARI's Open Company Employee Account - Company service. Company admins can add an employee by following these steps:

  1. Login to DARI dari-login
  2. Go to the Services menu on the homepage.
  3. Select Company Management from the services list. 
  4. Choose Open Company Employee Account from the submenu and click on Initiate Service
  5. Enter the UID/EID number, then click on Fetch Details.
  6. The employee details will appear. You can edit the employee's mobile number and email address. 
  7. Choose the user role and click on Next.
  8. By adding an employee, he/she will be registered immediately when the application is completed. 
  9. By adding an admin, the application will be forwarded to the DMT for approval when it is completed. 
  10. On the next page, select the permissions you would like to assign to the employee and click on Next.
  11. Upload any required documents and click on Next.
  12. A new screen will display the employee and company details and employee permissions. Review the details and click on Submit.
  13. A message will appear confirming that an employee has been added to your company successfully, or the application will be forwarded to the DMT for approval.   
  14. Navigate to the Employee Management Module through the company profile at the top right corner of the page to view the employee account. 

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