DARI – the digital real estate ecosystem – provides you with many lease-related services, including modifying a property management agreement (PMA) securely and smoothly. As an owner, you can amend a PMA by following these steps:

  1. Login to DARI dari-login 
  2. Click on Services from the home page, then select Lease
  3. Select Property management agreement modification
  4. From My Contracts, click on the PMA contract
  5. Choose Property, then click on Next
  6. The details of the parties (first and second party) will appear click on Next
  7. The agreement details will appear (permissions, amount, and agreement period), and here you can:
  • Specify the permissions, such as:
    1. Collecting rent on behalf of the owner
    2. Terminating the agreement
    3. Giving the first party access to the agreement details
  • The agreement period and amount:
    1. The agreement period and agreed amount (which can be displayed as a percentage or a fixed total in AED)
  • If you want to add an appendix in the appendices section, add your notes if needed in the Terms and conditions section upload your documents review the documents you uploaded click on Next
  • The review section will appear, review the agreement then click on Send to submit the modification if completed
  • A message will appear stating that the modification has been sent successfully

Once the modification has been sent, the concerned parties will be notified that it has been issued. In this case, the concerned party can follow the below steps:

  1. Login to DARI 
  2. Click on Transactions from the home page, click on All to see the modification, then click on the pending transaction

As the party responsible for the property management agreement, you have the following options:  

  • Accept: In which case a message will appear to sign the contract in a designated area and to accept DARI’s terms and conditions. Click on the checkmark in the designated area then click on Submit. A message will appear stating that the PMA has been modified successfully. 
  • Reject: In which case a message will appear stating that the PMA modification has been rejected. A notification will be sent to the other party letting them know that the modification has been rejected.

Here you will find a video tutorial to help you initiate the service:

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