The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) was established on Sha’ban 15, 1425H corresponding to September 29, 2004, under the name “Emirates Identity Authority” under Federal Law No. (2) for the year 2004, before changing its name to Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship in 2017. Its main objective at the time was to establish the “Population Register and Emirates Identity Card Program”, which included collecting vital data for all individuals in the state and filing them in electronic databases in coordination with the competent authorities, as well as issuing the Emirates ID Card for each individual registered that can be used by all entities.

Since its establishment, ICA has specialized in providing identification and confirmation services of identity for individuals to federal and local government authorities and other entities, as well as other services applicable in this regard. Today, this includes passports and to establish residency.

Through Dari – the digital real estate ecosystem – data inputted or searched for on its digital platforms should be synchronized with the government, allowing you to access instant and detailed information when needed.

Reference: About ICA - Federal Authority For Identity and Citizenship

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