Dispute description is the classification of topics that fall into the two main types of conflicts at the DRC, for example: -

1. Civil Disputes : 

Sorting and Retainer Disputes:-

A. In-kind division :- is the sorting and division of the common property for each partner separately to issue separate properties for each plot.

B. Adapter division (utility division) :- is the determination of the beneficiary of each division in the common property for each partner or group of partners separately without dividing the ownership of the property. 

C.  Assignment :- is either in consideration or without consideration where part or all of the shares in the eye are assigned to another partner and these cases are due to the ownership of a non-citizen heir of a granted land.

2. Commercial Disputes: 

A. Financial Claims:- Sale / Purchase / Musataha / Use / Investment / Rent

B. Termination of the contract or all issues related to real estate and contractual relations arising therefrom and construction works:- Brokerage services / surveying and real estate management / complexes / construction contracts / contracting / maintenance work and all the transactions and relationships arising from the contract.