Dari – the digital real estate ecosystem – offers an easy way to register a tenancy contract online. After the leaser initiates a lease registration, as a tenant, you will receive a notification so you can review the tenancy contract. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Login to Dari dari-login 
  2. Click on Applications from the home page
  3. Select Tasks from the tabs
  4. Select Lease registration

After reviewing the tenant lease registration contract, you will have two choices as a tenant:

  • AcceptIf you accept the contract, click on Accept. A message will appear to sign the contract (within a designated area) and to accept Dari’s terms and conditions. Click on the checkmark within the designated area then click on Submit. The leaser will be notified that you have accepted the lease contract. 


  • ReturnIf you reject the contract, click on Return. You will have to state your reason(s) of rejection and then click on Submit edit. A notification will be sent to the leaser reason of the returned

To initiate the Register Tenancy Contract Service, Click on the following link:


DARI - Services 

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